org-timestamp-now-inactive inserts an inactive timestamp showing the current time: [2020-01-26 Sun 15:47]

An active timestamp looks like this, and will make its heading appear in the Org Agenda: <2020-01-26 Sun 15:48>

Active timestamps must be limited to avoid clogging the Agenda. However, the only cost of an inactive timestamp is the keystroke to delete it later: <C-S-backspace> kill-whole-line.

Daylogging requires inserting an inactive timestamp after every entry. I bind this command to H-SPC since I use it so often:

wrote documentation page on org-timestamp-now-inactive
pondered the meaning of life
[2020-01-26 Sun 15:56]

these timestamps barely cost extra effort
because they're part of an existing paragraph
and Org commands can manipulate paragraphs of arbitrary length
thus appending an extra line costs nothing
[2020-01-26 Sun 15:57]

"Know thyself," said Apollo
Time is the non-renewable resource.
What is more essential to self-knowledge, than knowing how one's time was spent?
[2020-01-26 Sun 16:04]