pipify-lines converts consecutive lines into a single line separated by pipes.

Given this text:

one per day
keeps away

Put point on "apple" and run pipify-lines three times. The result is:

apple | one per day | doctor | keeps away

This isn't shorter than the complete sentence, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." So it's a silly example.

However, when naming a complex heading that covers multiple subjects, the pipify naming style succinctly conveys the gist, whereas sentences take multiple lines, resulting in an ugly, hard-to-read heading.

The pipify method is convenient because Org makes it easy to reorder a list of lines. Use e.g. <M-S-up> org-shiftmetaup.

Easily name headings by breaking up naming into three steps:

  1. Brainstorm relevant terms, one per line

  2. Reorder the lines

  3. Pipify

Skipping complete sentences saves effort.