This chapter demonstrates and explains the following commands:

  • throw - refile text/files to the next window by "throwing" them to a target

  • up - refile text/files one step upwards

  • delete-this-buffer-and-file - self-explanatory

  • org-refactor-heading - refactor an Org heading

  • org-duplicate-heading-to-other-window - self-explanatory

  • org-insert-heading-divider - create a heading. Advance two paragraphs. Recenter view.

  • rename-next-heading - go to the end of the next headline, narrowed

  • pipify-lines - convert consecutive lines into a single line separated by pipes

  • org-timestamp-now-inactive - insert inactive timestamp of current time

  • org-toggle-checkbox-forward-line - toggle checkbox and advance one line

  • org-store-link-fold-drawer - store an Org link and hide the drawer

  • org-dired-zinks - store an Org link in a file, titled with relative path

  • clear-org-search-scope - remove all files from the Org search scope

  • refresh-org-search-scope - refresh Org's list of file paths within the Org search scope